Show Me The Colors!

Show Me The Colors!

The Birth of the Colors

A while ago, I was adjusting my monitor’s settings, and in my stupidity, I made a real mess of the settings… I needed to fix everything, but couldn’t do it easily. I decided that some kind of screen test pattern was needed so I could re-align everything and correct the colors. Several days later, Show Me The Colors! was born. The idea itself really isn’t that original – people have been using test patterns for ages. I just applied it to a computer screen.
As well as creating my basic test patterns, I decided along the way to incorporate some tests for spotting dead/stuck pixels on LCDs. There are also some patterns for assisting with positioning projectors as well. Overall, it’s kinda handy.

Current Version:¬† –¬†Released 29/04/2006

This version of Show Me The Colors! requires the .NET Framework 2.0. The Check For Update feature is now working again.

Download Latest Version (319KB)

Version 4.0 – Gone, but not forgotten

For those of you without the .NET framework, the above version just won’t work at all… which is why I’ve left the previous version here as well.

Download v4.0 (314KB)

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